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FITMAT Orthopaedic Responsive Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Premium Melange Fabric Cover
FITMAT Orthopaedic Responsive Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Premium Melange Fabric Cover

FITMAT Orthopaedic Responsive Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Premium Melange Fabric Cover

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  • IMPROVE YOUR CURRENT MATTRESS: FITMAT memory foam topper can be put beautifully on the top of your existing mattress. This would be an additional comfortable layer on the mattress which helps you sleep better. This topper will increase the quality of sleep and comfort immediately. Memory foam topper distributes body weight evenly while sleeping and reduces pressure points on your body. Turn your old mattress into 5-star luxury comfort.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT AND BODY CONTOURING: 2" Memory Foam Topper provides ultimate comfort, personalized support, pressure relief and body contouring. Reduces tossing and turning, eliminates motion transfer, and increases the quality of sleep at night.
  • PAIN RELIEF: The plush layer of memory foam relieves pressure points and contours to your body, and evenly distributes weight as well-so no sore muscles when you wake up. Wake up fresh with new energy every day.
  • REMOVABLE PREMIUM COVER WITH ELASTIC: Topper comes with a Premium Milange Fabric Cotton removable zipper premium cover with elastic so that it can be beautifully attached with your existing mattress from all sides. Cover is removable and washable at your convenience. MEMORY FOAM LAYER IS NOT WASHABLE.
  • 3 YEARS WARRANTY & Notice: After receiving and unrolling the topper, maybe you will find that it is 3-4 inch short. Do not worry, because of the memory foam's own feature, the size will recover and then it will fit your bed perfectly after keeping it in ventilated place for 2 days. Ventilation in the open air will also remove memory foam chemical smell.
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