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Myth vs Reality- Hard vs Soft Mattresses and which one is really better?

A common perception about  the mattress is that a harder (or firmer) mattress is good for your back and posture. The word "firm or hard" is the most misunderstood term in the mattress industry. It is by no means an indicator of how supportive the mattress is.

If the surface is too hard, there will be no contouring of the body whichever of the different sleeping positions you choose. When sleeping on the back, a surface that's too firm won't let the body "settle" and properly displace weight.

Additionally, while sleeping on the side it puts unnecessary pressure on joints and bones, and does not allow them to sink in.  Thus, a firm mattress will work against your body, exasperating joint pain, lower back pain and other issues.

Fitmat memory foam mattress

Your hard mattress might give you comfort at the first place but may mot be providing the correct support your body needs. Support comes from the core of the mattress (usually coils). This is what keeps your spine aligned. 

A successful solution to all the above said problems is Memory Foam Mattress or Topper. Memory Foam uses a temperature sensitive material which allows the mattress to adjust according to the person’s body heat and weight. 

The body heat softens the mattress and allows your body to sink in, providing you a good night sleep. It safeguards an ideal posture while sleeping with proper spinal alignment. When you get up from the bed the mattress goes back to its original shape.


Do you know how the myth of the hard bed has evolved?
Historically mattress were made of materials that tend to compress upon pressure. This triggered the mattress to sag in the middle causing neck and back pain. As a remedy hard mats were placed on top to provide stability
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