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5 Reasons to Prioritize Sleep for Successful Career



5 Reasons to Prioritize Sleep for Successful Career

We have often heard that good night sleep is good for healthy life. But how much a sound sleep can effect your performance at work?

According to the FITMAT’s sleep expert, it is crucial to get a quality sleep in order to brain function properly. We can have our best at work and can achieve a successful day after a good and sound sleep.

Good night sleep can enhance our performance in following way:

  1. Increase Productivity: A good night’s sleep is a fundamental part of our health and wellbeing, and means we are more alert and productive during the day.
A good night’s sleep is the most underrated performance enhancer. During the night, our mind works overtime to diffuse stressful situations that we may have experienced during the day and manage any negative thoughts.
It also enhances physical ability for the following day, lowers our blood pressure and improves our memory. All of these are essential contributors to a successful working life. 
FITMAT mattress is the one perfect mattress to ensure good night sleep so as to ensure higher productivity at work.


  1. Improve Memory: A good night’s sleep triggers changes in the brain that helps to improve memory. New memories are formed within the brain when a person engages with information to be learned. Sleep actually triggers changes in the brain that solidify memories—strengthening connections between brain cells and transferring information from one brain region to another. This process is called "memory consolidation". More recently, however, it has been demonstrated that time spent asleep also plays a key role in preserving memory.


  1. Spur Creativity: The relationship between sleeping and creativity is the subject of much folklore and even admonitions.
 Early morning creativity – People have reported to do their best work immediately     after awakening or first few hours of the day after waking up.
 Right Brain After Sleep – Creative solutions are often said to involve right side of   the brain as compared to insights from analytical left side of the brain. It is said and   proved from various researches that, right side of the brain is heard more after the   sleep.
  1. Reduce Stress: Stress affects us emotionally, physically, and behaviourally. The right amount of stress can be a positive force that helps us to give our best and to be alert and energetic. Too much stress, however, can make us tense and anxious and can cause sleep problems.
A quality sleep helps in reducing stress drastically. When you are tired, you are less patient and more easily agitated, which can increase stress. 
To have a healthy life, its extremely important to have less stress and more quality sleep.
  1. You will solve problems better:
After a good night’s sleep, brain is pretty fresh and active to sort and tackle new problems. Also, it continues to solve older ones in an effective way.

Hence, quality and sound sleep is extremely important for successful career. Also, it is said to have atleast 6-8 hours of quality sleep. Therefore, it becomes critical to invest in one good mattress.

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